Peer-Reviewed Articles

Harkness, A., E.E. Goldberg, Y. Brandvain. (in press). The evolutionary response of mating system to heterosis. Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

Blackmon, H., J. Justison, I. Mayrose, and E.E. Goldberg. (in press). Meiotic drive shapes rates of karyotype evolution in mammals. Evolution.

Huang, D., E.E. Goldberg, L.M. Chou, and K. Roy. 2018. The origin and evolution of coral species richness in a marine biodiversity hotspot. Evolution 72:288-302.
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Rabosky, D.L.* and E.E. Goldberg*. 2017. FiSSE: A simple nonparametric test for the effects of a binary character on lineage diversification rates. Evolution 71:1432-1442.
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Grossenbacher, D.L., Y. Brandvain, J.R. Auld, M. Burd, P.-O. Cheptou, J.K. Conner, A.G. Grant, S.M. Hovick, J.R. Pannell, A. Pauw, T. Petanidou, A.M. Randle, R. Rubio de Casas, J. Vamosi, A. Winn, B. Igić, J.W. Busch, S. Kalisz, and E.E. Goldberg. 2017. Self-compatibility is overrepresented on islands. New Phytologist 215:469-478.
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Goldberg, E.E., S.P. Otto, J.C. Vamosi, I. Mayrose, N. Sabath, R. Ming, and T.-L. Ashman. 2017. Macroevolutionary synthesis of flowering plant sexual systems. Evolution 71:898-912.
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Zhan, S.H, M. Drori, E.E. Goldberg, S.P. Otto, and I. Mayrose. 2016. Phylogenetic evidence for cladogenetic polyploidization in land plants. American Journal of Botany 103:1252-1258.
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Glick, L., N. Sabath, T.-L. Ashman, E.E. Goldberg, and I. Mayrose. 2016. Polyploidy and sexual system in angiosperms—is there an association? American Journal of Botany 103:1223-1235.
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Grossenbacher, D., R.D. Briscoe Runquist, E.E. Goldberg, and Y. Brandvain. 2016. No association between plant mating system and geographic range overlap. American Journal of Botany 103:110-117.
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Sabath, N., E.E. Goldberg, L. Glick, M. Einhorn, T.-L. Ashman, R. Ming, S.P. Otto, J.C. Vamosi, and I. Mayrose. 2016. Dioecy does not consistently accelerate or slow lineage diversification across multiple genera of angiosperms. New Phytologist 209:1290-1300.
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Pannell, J.R., J.R. Auld, Y. Brandvain, M. Burd, J.W. Busch, P.-O. Cheptou, J.K. Conner, E.E. Goldberg, A.-G. Grant, D.L. Grossenbacher, S.M. Hovick, B. Igić, S. Kalisz, T. Petanidou, A.M. Randle, R. Rubio de Casas, C.A. Pauw, J.C. Vamosi, and A.A. Winn. 2015. The scope of Baker’s law. New Phytologist 208:656-667.
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Smith, S.D. and E.E. Goldberg. 2015. Tempo and mode of flower color evolution. American Journal of Botany 102:1014-1025.
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Grossenbacher, D., R. Briscoe Runquist, E.E. Goldberg, and Y. Brandvain. 2015. Geographic range size is predicted by plant mating system. Ecology Letters 18:706-713.
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Huang, D., E.E. Goldberg, and K. Roy. 2015. Fossils, phylogenies, and the challenge of preserving evolutionary history in the face of anthropogenic extinctions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 112:4909-4914.
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Rabosky, D.L.* and E.E. Goldberg*. 2015. Model inadequacy and mistaken inferences of trait-dependent speciation. Systematic Biology 64:340-355.
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Servedio, M.R., Y. Brandvain, S. Dhole, C.L. Fitzpatrick, E.E. Goldberg, C.A. Stern, J. Van Cleve, and D.J. Yeh. 2014. Not just a theory: The utility of mathematical models in evolutionary biology. PLoS Biology 12:e1002017.
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The Tree of Sex Consortium: T.-L. Ashman, D. Bachtrog, H. Blackmon, E.E. Goldberg, M.W. Hahn, M. Kirkpatrick, J. Kitano, J.E. Mank, I. Mayrose, R. Ming, S.P. Otto, C.L. Peichel, M.W. Pennell, N. Perrin, L. Ross, N. Valenzuela, and J.C. Vamosi. 2014. Tree of sex: A database of sexual systems. Scientific Data 1:140015.
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Fagan, W.F, Y.E. Pearson, E.A. Larsen, H.J. Lynch, J.B. Turner, H. Staver, A.E. Noble, S. Bewick, and E.E. Goldberg. 2013. Phylogenetic prediction of the maximum per capita rate of population growth. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280:20130523.
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Goldberg, E.E. and B. Igić. 2012. Tempo and mode in plant breeding system evolution. Evolution 66:3701-3709.
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Goldberg, E.E., R. Lande, and T.D. Price. 2012. Population regulation and character displacement in a seasonal environment. The American Naturalist 179:693-705.
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Goldberg, E.E., L.T. Lancaster, and R.H. Ree. 2011. Phylogenetic inference of reciprocal effects between geographic range evolution and diversification. Systematic Biology 60:451-465.
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Anacker, B.L.*, J.B. Whittall*, E.E. Goldberg, and S.P. Harrison. 2011. Origins and consequences of serpentine endemism in the California flora. Evolution 65:365-376.
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Robertson, K., E.E. Goldberg, and B. Igić. 2011. Comparative evidence for the correlated evolution of polyploidy and self-compatibility in Solanaceae. Evolution 65:139-155.
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Goldberg, E.E., J.R. Kohn, R. Lande, K.A. Robertson, S.A. Smith, B. Igić. 2010. Species selection maintains self-incompatibility. Science 330:493-495.
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Goldberg, E.E., H.J. Lynch, M.G. Neubert, and W.F. Fagan. 2010. Effects of branching spatial structure and life history on the asymptotic growth rate of a population. Theoretical Ecology 3:137-152.
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Goldberg, E.E., K. Roy, R. Lande, and D. Jablonski. 2005. Diversity, endemism, and age distributions in macroevolutionary sources and sinks. The American Naturalist 165:623-633.
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Other Reviewed Contributions

Harkness, A., Y. Brandvain, and E.E. Goldberg. 2018. Evolution of Plant Mating Systems. In K. Pfennig, ed. Oxford Bibliographies in Evolutionary Biology. Oxford University Press.
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Goldberg, E.E. 2013. Species selection. In J. Losos, ed. The Princeton Guide to Evolution. Princeton University Press.

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