UMN Biology: Theory Under Construction


Allison Shaw, Emma Goldberg, and Yaniv Brandvain facilitate an informal theory and modeling lab group joint meeting. The aim is to create a forum for providing feedback on ongoing modeling work. (This is not a seminar series with polished talks.)

We are very pleased that some work presented at theory group has eventually progressed to be a finished project. Click here to see publications that have benefited from feedback during theory group.

Participants are primarily in EEB and PlantBio, but all with aligned goals and interests are welcome. Email if you would like to join the mailing list.

Students, please consider registering for EEB 8990, section 3 (Theory Under Construction: Building and Critiquing Biological Models). Participation is all that is required for class credit.


We meet weekly during the semester, Mondays 3-4pm. Click here for the current weekly meeting schedule.



Have a resource to add? Email us.

"Reality often astonishes theory." —Tom Magliozzi